About Us

Company Overview

General Audio-Visual Inc. [GAVI] is a multifaceted engineering firm, providing design, consultation, fabrication, installation and maintenance services for complex audiovisual systems. With a staff of fifteen professionals, it is located in Freeport, N.Y., a short distance from JFK International Airport. Its fully sprinklered office, machine shop, lab and assembly space make it adequate to permit layout and pre assembly of even the most ambitious audiovisual construction. Its considerable expertise embraces the several disciplines that are called upon for the successful completion of complex system-integration projects.

Company Background

GAVI’s experience in audiovisual engineering dates back to 1971, when it obtained patents in continuous-loop 8mm magnetic-sound motion-picture projection and automatic lamp-changing devices for slide-film projection. While no longer manufacturing its pioneering automatic-lamp-changer line, GAVI’s involvement is as one of the northeast area’s most respected audio-visual systems integrators, known by architects and clients as the source for solutions to their more difficult optical-engineering problems.

In 1980, GAVI commenced design and manufacture of the V-Star-3 airborne video projector, under contract with Inflight Services, Inc., then the preeminent provider of motion-picture passenger entertainment aboard aircraft. Barco was commissioned by Inflight to design and provide the electronic chassis to GAVI for its assembly into the V-Star-3 projector.. This was Barco’s introduction to the video projection field.

The FAA demands that all equipment deployed aboard aircraft be subjected to rigorous shock and vibration testing before being certified safe for such use. GAVI’s designs, for whatever type of installation, reflect this careful attention to reliability and safety. Every project prosecuted by GAVI receives this same attention to detail.

At GAVI, engineering excellence is our most important product.